Presskit / Résumé HTML template for artists / musicians

three colour versions. mobile version included.

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“Schtrafspiel” is an extended presskit / résumé template created specifically for artists / musicians who want to present themselves in professional and respectable way to record label owners, musical producers, gig organisers and venue managers. Presskit consists of a set of 7 fully designed page templates with its duplicated, modified and simplified version for mobile devices. It includes various text and media blocks (timeline, HTML5 player, embedded video, image gallery), event calendar and News and Contact pages as well.

For the ease of your work


Edit colours easily

Folder contains separate stylesheet for colour styles only. It means there is no need to scroll up and down through the whole main stylesheet in order to adjust or change colours.


Edit repeating parts easily

Folder contains set of php includes. It means there is no need to repeat, edit and adjust code of repeating parts of template on every html page. Enough to do that only once in a separate file and all changes will automatically apply to every html page.


Help file

Helping in getting familiar with template is essential point. By default a Help File in html format is included into folder. Moreover: all inner files are well-commented, blocks of content visually separated and well-organised.


Request two bonus guides

First one is a Design Guide: design points not to be overlooked while editing the template. Second guide is a set of recommendations coming from music producer—why a presskit is important and what exactly producer expects to get from an artist.

Template useful features

  • Timeline
  • HTML5 audioplayer
  • Photo gallery with fancybox
  • Image gallery with sliding captions
  • Paginated blocks of content
  • Event calendar
  • Styled contact form
  • Styled blockquotes
Original screenshots taken from iPhone 4S
Original screenshots taken from Opera 12.02 Mac OS X

What is included?

  1. html files (3 colour versions + mobile version), total 42 files
  2. php includes (for desktop and mobile) 10 files per folder
  3. css files (for desktop and mobile) 5 files per folder
  4. fancybox folder (including css and js files)
  5. calendar folder (including css and js files)
  6. audioplayer folder (including css, js and swf files)
  7. help file as html page

Credits: all images used in demo are copyrighted and belong to The Eastern Front label and
All audio tracks and samples used in demo are copyrighted and belong to authors of tracks and The Eastern Front label
All plugins are licensed and free for commercial use under term of keeping authors names in plugin files
Custom fonts are licensed for free commercial use and available for download from Internet via links provided in Help file
Design, html and css code belong to Virtuti-D