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“City Of The Kings: is a simple yet interestingly laid out theme done especially for people who do not want complexity but simplicity in use. Primarily it can be used by those who need comfortable environment to write and display things like big images or interesting videos. It is not for big businesses and loud names corporations, it is done for ordinary people like you and me or for small agencies, galleries owners, collectors, people who have certain interest to share with others.

The theme is really simple and to set it up, literally 25 minutes are required. It has no dizzy sliders, complicated page builders, tons of widgets, shortcodes and customisation options. It is done for those who need their theme ready to go right now and who have no time and desire to play with endless options, page layouts and various versions of elements.

And along with its simplicity it has a number of useful and sometimes entertaining options and elements. You may position it onto left or onto right. You may use left-to-right language or right-to-left language. You may create collections of different files like video or image galleries or of external links, It has bold sliding intro welcoming your visitors and declaring immediately what your site is about. You have plenty of space to showcase big impressive images different for each page type.

And with all this your site will stay clean, accurate and focused exactly on what you, as a site owner, want attention of your visitors to be attracted to. And last but not least, it has bold clean and clear typography where text is readable easily and comfortably. …and of course, your visitors may browse your site from desktop or laptop, tablet or mobile since it is done to be well-performed on all devices.

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