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La Sorcière

History of black magic and Devil’s deeds



“La Sorcière” is a blog-type WordPress theme created for those who are looking for dark layout-ed website which is simple in use, has no tons of options and which can be set up within very short time. Along with it has clean look, is accented on readability, fully responsive and might fit any personal or community website which needs to display regularly updated content.


  • Designated areas for various widgets in sliding panels
  • Designated areas for various widgets under blog posts
  • HTML5 audio player (requires mp3 and ogg files)
  • End user may variate  (increase / decrease) font size of the post (article) text without zooming the whole page
  • 5 simple custom widgets which appear on every page of the site where specific widgetized areas are defined:
    • embedded video+read more button
    • single embedded video
    • blockquote
    • audio player
    • contact links with icon font
  • Fully responsive (tested on all viewports breakpoints according Lea Verou’s list)
  • Minimum jQuery scripts
  • Custom fonts, icon fonts (@font-face, included into folder)
  • Separate css stylesheet for colours
  • Fast in setting up and customising
  • Plenty of white space, no clutter
  • Retina display ready
  • Translations ready

What is not

  • No dependancy. You can switch the themes whenever you want. Widgets and shortcodes are standalone.
  • No need to crop / resize images precisely , all image size fits (minimum apprx. 900px–maximum no limit to cover full post box width)
  • No tons of shortcodes–only one is included as plugin (end user is not dependable on this very theme and may switch themes keeping the content intact)
  • No complicated and variable layouts—the theme comes as one layout, no tons of variable components
  • No complicated customisation process—to set up this theme you will need half an hour maximum
  • No Photoshop files—no necessity to customise layout, all is coded with css solely

Real screenshots

Screnshots below were taken on Opera browser (Mac) and iPhone 4S. Check “screenshots” section to get an impression or just view the theme live on any browser.


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Tests and validation

  • Mac (Snow Leopard, 21″):
    • Opera
    • Google Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Camino
    • Safari
  • Windows XP:
    • IE8
    • Google Chrome
  • Windows 7:
    • IE9
  • Mobiles:
    • iPhone 4S

Validation: Theme Check: no errors, no warnings, W3C validator: random errors caused by WordPress, html 100% valid.

Credits and acknowledgements