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La Sorcière

History of black magic and Devil’s deeds


About theme


La Sorcière is classic dark colour scheme theme made for Comes with several page templates and custom widgets. Updated for latest versions of WordPress. Help document explains how to set up the theme. Theme is responsive and matches any screen resolution.

Post Formats

Theme comes with two styled post formats: gallery and video.

Page Templates

Theme comes with styled

  • Front Page
  • Archives Page Template
  • Coming Soon Page Template
  • Gallery Page Template
  • Video Page Template


  • Music player widget
  • Sliding panel with Contact widget
  • Styled page templates
  • Coming Soon with counter
  • Theme is responsive
  • Theme options via Customizer
  • One level js submenu


In order to enable the theme and get it looking identical to the demo please:

  • Read Help document
  • Ensure that you are familiar with WordPress interface and features
  • Learn basic html if you wish to use default Text Widget
  • Ensure you have hosting and domain


  • Fonts: Floralia Regular, Josefin Slab Thin, Bitstream Vera Serif, Sosa icon font
  • Scripts: prettyPhoto, sidr.js, lame.js
  • Images: retro posters (not included)
  • Audio: Anton Lavey “Hello, Central” mp3 (not included)

Important note!

Customers who obtained this theme before June 2016 please read carefully what is written below. Thank you!

This theme was create din July 2013 and has not been updated till now. However, big work was done recently to match this theme newest WP standards. Now it is suitable for latest versions (4.3 / 4.4 / 4.5) and many modifications were done. What should you know about changes?

  • Home page template removed. Instead Front Page is used (which does not require to set static page in Settings)
  • Added options via default WP Customizer (what means you may replace background, button links, default post image via Customizer)
  • Part of widgets are removed. Audio and Contact widgets which are still available in package now updated according php newest requirements and work on latest WP versions.
  • Number of siderbars is reduced.
  • Code is improved according latest WP requirements.
  • XML file (demo content) is added.
  • Help file is improved and saved in PDF format.
  • colours.css is removed. All colours you may change via style.css only.
  • forms.css is removed
  • More (all) widgets are styled now.
  • HTML and CSS improved.

You will need to reinstall the theme, reinstall and reactivate plugins, read Help PDF document located in “main-files” folder and follow instructions. Please note: you will need to go to Settings and revert Static Page to Latest Blog Posts or alternatively use default page template for Home Page. If you’ll need any help you are welcome to contact me via ThemeForest comment box and ask!

Important note II!

Customers who do not want to have updated version but prefer older one (and along with want to have newer WP versions like 4.3 or 4.4. or 4.5 etc) may redownload full set of updated widgets (6 widgets total) here:
Once you downloaded zipped “lasorciere-widgets” folder, unzip it and find inside 6 zipped widgets. Delete all 6 widgets (available in first theme release) going to Dashboard->Plugins. Next, click “add new” under “Plugins” and install all widgets (Add Plugin->Upload Plugin->Choose File. Activate them all and refill with content (if needed).