About Theme

About Theme

Theme overview

“Taste Of Mizrach” (“Mizrach” means “East”, “Orient”) is a bright, full of photographs, WordPress.org theme suitable for websites showcasing or selling products. Theme inclides online shop powered by PayPal (view: http://demo.virtuti.info/demonstrations/vt28/index.php/products) and, as alternative, Product Catalogue featuring no price, (view: http://demo.virtuti.info/demonstrations/vt28/index.php/product-catalogue).

Besides, theme might be used just as blog (view: http://demo.virtuti.info/demonstrations/vt28/index.php/blog) and it comes with full set of carefully styled WP default widgets, tags, categories, and html tags (like headings, lists, blockquotes etc).

Theme comes with multiple additional page templates which you may use or omit–depends on structure of your website. Here is a list of page templates:

  • Home Page
  • Modal Pages with content
  • About Page
  • Contact and Location Page
  • Online Shop Page
  • Online Catalogue Page

For custom page templates there was a number of custom widgets written and styled. Here is the list of custom widgets which you may use along with page templates:

  • For all pages: “Footer Stuff” widget
  • For About Page: “Timeline” widget
  • For Contact Page: “Transport” widget “and “Contact Info” widget
  • For Catalogue Page: “Brochure” widget

Theme is fine for any thematic website!

This theme uses spices and herbs thematics but you are not limited in anything. Use it for any website thematics whatever it might be.

You may use this theme for any thematic website, just collect appropriate photographs, images and other content stuff and replace everything via inbuilt Customize tool and Tiny MCE editor.


Theme is responsive

Theme is responsive and it might be viewed comfortably on any screen resolution: from 2560px wide down to tiny 320px smartphone screens. View below screenshots to get impression how it looks on iPhone or just enter the demo from your mobile.

What should you know prior purchasing

  1. You must have hosting and domain
  2. You must install WordPress package onto your server
  3. You must be familiar well with WP interface and inbuilt tools
  4. You must not know any coding language unless you want to modify html structure or styling
  5. You should prepare a set of your own photographs (photos used in demo are not included)
  6. You can not modify colour scheme and fonts via Customiser
  7. You can modify all images, headings and links via Customiser
  8. You should look through theme description thoroughly
  9. You should look through theme demo attentively


  • Images: Pixabay, Shutterstock, Wikimedia Commons
  • Icons: Flaticon
  • Scripts: prettyPhoto, lame.js, tinybox.js
  • Fonts: Poiret One, Source Sans Pro



Made in Samaria, Israel. Adar Alef 5776. Virtuti-D. בס"ד