Set up the theme

Installation and first steps

Prepare two full-width images: top image must be at leaste 1920px wide and 500px high. Bottom image must be at least 1920px wide and minimum 300px high. Go to Dashboard and upload these images into Media Library.

Prepare video. Download from anywhere good quality soundless video (you may use Free Stock Footage from Vimeo) and upload it somewhere. If your mp4 file weighs less than 8MB you may upload it to Media Library as well.

Prepare image logo if needed (png format recommended) and upload it to Media Library. Also, prepare default post image (this image will appear automatically in case featured image is absent). Also prepare favicon image and upload both into Media Library.

Dashboard->Appearance->Themes->Add New->Upload New: select zipped “velvetseason” folder from your computer and click “Install now”. Return to Appearance->Themes and click “Activate” on theme screenshot.


Now, click “Customize” on theme screenshot. You are now in the default “Customize” panel of WordPress.

Upload your image logo or insert site title, clicking “Logo” on lefthand panel. Next, click “Top Fullwidth Background Image” and select top image you uploaded into Media Library (1920px x 500px). Next, upload bottom image clicking “Bottom Fullwidth Background Image”. Click “Default Post Image”, select it from Media Library. Click “Site Identity” and set up the favicon. Next, click “Index Page Main Title” and insert page title. On my demo it is “Latest Articles”, insert what you want. Next, click “Full Width Video On Top” and enter URL of video, on my demo it is: “”.

At this step you are done with all customizations.

Note: rest of options (like Header Image, Background Image are not defined and customizing will not takye any effect).

Pages and navigation menu

You may create static pages (like “About Me”) using any of available page templates: default, with or without comments (if you wish to enable comments, yet staying on page, click “screen options” on top of page, check “comments” scroll down and check “allow comments” under text editor), full-width, with full-width featured image and right sidebar, with left sidebar. To create page, click “Add New” under Pages in WP menu. Give some title to page, select from Page Attributes your desired page template, insert content into Tiny MCE editor, click “publish”.

Arrange navigation menu. Appearance->Menus->Create New Menu. Entitle it somehow (it is up to you), scroll down and check “Theme Locations”, this is important. Add pages or categories or custom links to menu by clicking “add to menu” (lefthand side). Click “save menu”.

Publish posts

Click “add new” under “posts”. Entitle post, add category, tags, insert featured image. Publish posts. If you wish to use default WP Gallery, firstly go to Plugins and click “add new”. On top, click “upload plugin”. Click “choose file” and find “wpgallery” zipped folder located in “plugins” in root folder. Upload this plugin and activate it. Now you may return to your post, click “add media”->”create gallery”, select images and click “insert into post”. Example of gallery tool in action is here.

You may use also 6 posts formats: video, audio, image, gallery, link and quote. To view how these post formats look alike, view my demo. Last thing to do is to add widgets onto sidebar. Go to Appearance->Widgets and drag any number of default widgets onto “Main Sidebar” area.


Footer is almost ready and the only thing you may want to add is my custom “Social Links” widget. Again click “add new” under “plugins and repeat steps describe above. Go to Appearance->Widgets and you will see my custom “Social Links” widget among default ones. Drag this widget onto “Footer: Social Links Area”. Insert widget title (for example, facebook), your social profile URL and icon title. To view icons titles simply look in “social” subfolder of “images” folder in root folder. For example for google plus you need to insert icon title “google-plus” (without “png” extension). As you see, there are several icons in there, and if you wish to use more icons or different icons, you may download any icon from White Icon set here.


Go to Users and insert user name and description. In Settings->Discussion you may select gravatar and set up comments options.

HTML knowledge

In fact it is not required at all, but maybe you will want to insert html into default textwidget or into the post. You may go here and use all or few of html snippets I prepared in case you will want to use them. Also you may use ul class “styled” for fancier unordered lists and also p class”hyphen” for vey long URLs.

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