Your potential questions about theme

1. Question: May I use it for
Answer: No, it is for only–what means you must have your own hosting and domain.

2. Question: Do I need to know html, php, css languages to edit the theme?
Answer: No, you should not know anything. However, if you will wish to enhance widgets (custom ones or default text widget) with rich content like shown on demo, knowledge of basic HTML is required.

3. Question: Does theme include custom post types?
Answer: Yes, the theme comes with 5 CPTs: Food, Drinks, Specials, Events, Mini Shop. All CPTs come wrapped in plugins what means you may carry them with you in case you will want to switch the theme one day.

4. Question: Does theme include shortcodes?
Answer: No, no single shortcode is included.

5. Question: But everyone includes shortcodes? Why you don’t?
Answer: Because I consider shortcodes to be a bad feature for your WordPress based website. Even if they are wrapped in plugins imagine a day when you will want to modify an element in your website or replace it with something different. Example: you used shortcode for accordion but one day you decided to turn accordion into normal list of items. Or you decided to turn slider (sliders, by the way, are out of fashion) into normal row of images. You will have too much difficulties with removing shortcode code from your website. Would it be a normal HTML you could just disable a script but with shortcode you will have to struggle too much.
Another reason or rather question to you: do you really think that this:

[gt_social type=”(fa-facebook-square,fa-twitter-square,fa-github-square,fa-linkedin-square,fa-pinterest-square,fa-google-plus-square,fa-rss-square,fa-tumblr-square,fa-vimeo-square)” color=”Hex color” size=”(fa-1x,fa-2x,fa-3x,fa-4x,fa5x)” link=”Social URL” title=”Tooltip Text” animation_icon=”slidedown-animation”]

is easier to remember and use than normal HTML?

6. Question: Does theme come with third party plugins?
Answer: No, the theme comes only with CPT plugins, simple widgets and metaboxes written specifically for this theme.

7. Question: May I change layout structure, colours, fonts?
Answer: Yes, you may do whatever you want if you know CSS, HTML languages.

8. Question: Does theme include options panel?
Answer: You may do things which inbuilt WordPress Customiser allows. For example: you may insert image logo or, instead leave site title as it is, upload full-width background photograph, change certain texts, buttons links, images. There are no complicated third party panels and admin panel comes as it is.

9. Question: Is theme ready for translation?
Answer: Yes, definitely. You may generate .po .mo files and translate the theme into your language. However, few things (for example PayPal button values or scripts related words) you will need to translate manually.

Here was an overview of potential questions you might have before purchasing. But if you have more ones, you are welcome to ask. Thank you for reading!
You may want to proceed to know more about technical details, credits to authors whose items were used in creation of this theme and html snippets which you may want to use for widgets or post body.