About the demo

Demo is done in its most complete way and shows all available possibilities and features of arranging your website. What you see is what you get. Each demo page contains short introductory text explaining which page template is used. Demo posts show various options of how the post might look–very extended post “Post sampler and markup tags” gives the most complete presentation of various html tags usage–headings, paragraphs, galleries, embedded stuff and more.

About the theme


In fact, me myself is a big lover of Irish pubs–a couple of pints of old good Murphy’s and Kilkenny were tasted in Irish pubs in Ireland and England, Austria and Israel and even in Turkey. Irish pubs have particular interiors and unforgettable atmosphere which mysteriously forces you come back again and again. And it is really public house–a place where one can not only drink beers but eat tasty, read books, communicate with other people, listen to live Irish music, watch TV together… it is something that have no analogs in the world.


I saw many not bad Irish pubs websites but my desire was to make something yet better, much better. Something that not only meets all pub website’s needs but what looks modern and traditional at the same time, what is easy for navigating and what comes without complicated (and as a rule useless) fancy effects, what is readable, well-organised and comfortable in use.

Theme features

The theme comes packed with multiple page templates for any occasion–front page gives an overview of what website is about, menu splits into three sections–for meals, beers and specials, events page gives an opportunity to list events in descending order–from nearest to latest, mini-shop provides easy and very simple online payment checkout, galleries might be of images or videos and so on. Take a tour through the demo to view all features and possibilities.

Page templates

  • Front page
  • Food menu
  • Drinks menu
  • Specials menu
  • Events
  • Gift cards
  • Mini shop
  • Services
  • Pub story as timeline
  • Location
  • Video gallery
  • Full-width without sidebar

Besides page templates which are naturally optional–do not want use them, do not use them–it will not affect your website look and work, there are default templates–for listing news (or running a blog) and static page like the one you are viewing and reading now.


Every type of page comes with its own sidebar where you can drop those widgets which really relevant to this very type. Take as example mini shop: it not only shows shop categories and shop tags, it may show something related to the shop: on my demo using default text widget I put an announcement which product will be soon for sale.

Mini shop page template
Mini shop page template

Custom widgets

The theme comes with a variety of custom widgets which I wrote especially for this theme. These widgets will help you to add content and enhance a website with styled elements and blocks. However, it is an obligatory thing. For example, on Location page you may place Icons + Info Widget which allows you to insert transport icons and information. But if you do not want to use it, no need, you may just use default page template and place an ordinary list of bus lines, or even place nothing–the widget is just for the purposes of enhancing and making certain block of content more attractive and drawing attention, nothing else.

Summary of elements

The theme comes with multiple small enhancements and here is the list of all of them:

  • Header image with rotating badge over it
  • Full height fixed side photograph on front page
  • Countdown
  • Self-hosted muted video
  • Audio track (HTML5 audio, default view)
  • Custom fields (Price, Type, Event Date, Discount)
  • Number of post views per post (mini shop only)
  • Share on Facebook (mini shop only)
  • Like button (mini shop, specials and events)
  • Send to a friend button (specials only)
  • PrettyPhoto for enlarging the image (food, drinks, specials, events, mini shop)
  • Funny PayPal button (mini shop only)
  • Vintage style labels graphics (mini shop, food, drinks, specials, events)
  • Widgets with possibility to enter HTML (view Gift Cards, Our Story, sidebars)


Since many things are possible to do with inbuilt WordPress Customiser you will be able to change related things easily via Customiser. For example: insert your logo image, change texts, buttons links, video URL, background full-width photograph and more.

This was an overview of theme features. You might want to proceed and read my answers to your potential questions. Thank you for reading!