Template overview

"Der Golem" is a multi-purpose website template coming in three colour schemes. Template is very flexible and your website structure can be modified very easily with all included page type variations.

Let's say you will have blog for your website. In this case Home Page version 1 suits ideally since excerpts from the blog posts are featuring right on the home page. Let's say you do not have a blog but want to link short excerpts to your portfolio page, Home Page version 1 still serves well. But let's say you do not have blog on your website. In this case yo can use Home Page version 2 which comes without post excerpts but is featuring just one bold block with a big image of your product or a current project. Remove blog related page type and use Home Page version 2.

If you want to place short description and attract immediately a visitor's attention to your project then Portfolio Page version 1 is fine for you. You want to showcase only images of your project and push your visitors to explore full story? Portfolio Page version 2 is ideal for this goal.

You have a huge bold image to showcase and provide an immediate impression what your project is? Project Page version 1 will serve well to this goal. You have no big photographs and prefer to showcase rather smaller images? Fine, Project Page version 2 will fit well!

Three colours schemes are included into folder but what if you prefer another colour? Not a problem. Colours are defined in a separate shortened stylesheet, just open it, choose your preferred colour and replace the hex, it will take you a very few minutes.

What you get

  • å Multiple page templates and page templates variations
  • å Three colour schemes: red, blue, golden
  • å Responsive structure which fits various screen resolutions
  • å Multiple styled blocks of content like accordion, lists, elastic embedded videos, resizable images, decorative drop caps and much more
  • å Parallaxed effect for Home Page without javascript
  • å Beautiful and non-disturbing css transitions for selected elements
  • å Custom fonts carefully handpicked from Font Squirrel and Google Fonts

Tech details

  • W HTML code is 100% valid (apart facebook code injection on blog pages)
  • W Viewport breakpoints: 1440px, 1280px, 1152px, 1024px, 800px, 768px and down
  • W Retina display: ready
  • W Background photograph: 1920px wide
  • W Tested and works as expected on: Mac (Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Camino) | Windows XP (Internet Explorer 8) | Windows 7 (Internet Explorer 9, Chrome) | iPhone 4S (Safari)